Total War: Warhammer 3 N'kari

Creative Assembly has released a faction trailer for Slaanesh, the final Chaos faction to appear in Total War: Warhammer 3.

In a video titled “Enter the world of Slaanesh”, fans can get their first full glimpse at what the last Chaos god’s faction will bring to Total War: Warhammer 3.

The trailer showcases plenty of the monsters that will make up the roster of Slaanesh, including N’kari – who will lead the faction as a legendary lord.

On the battlefield N’kari will excel in hunting down and killing isolated units, as he has an incredibly high movement speed. He also has a passive called Harvester of Souls, which means the death of any nearby enemies will heal him. That process will be sped up by his second ability – Willing Prey – which reduces the melee skills of enemy combatants.

N’kari’s fast movement matches the rest of Slaanesh’s roster, which will utilise “unparalleled speed and armour-piercing capabilities” to conduct a hit-and-run playstyle within battle. Players will also be rewarded for killing routing units, symbolising the excessive and sadistic nature of the faction’s patron, Slaanesh.

In the bigger picture of the campaign, Slaanesh will “strive to spread the Dark Prince’s hedonistic message at every turn”. Slaanesh worshippers will be able to give defeated enemies “gifts” which negatively effect them, and can use a mechanic called seduction to forcibly vassalise other factions on the map. They will also gather Devotees through various means, allowing players to create cults, Disciple Armies, and more vassals.

In other news, patch notes for season one of Warzone have been released, showcasing all of the big changes coming to the battle royale. As well Caldera – the new tropical map – the patch adds plenty of WW2-themed vehicles, weapons and operators for players to pick up.

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