The cult-favourite Threewave CTF mod has been added back into Quake after 26 years, and players can pick it up for free with the Steam remaster, alongside nine iconic CTF maps.

Bethesda released a blog post revealing the news, highlighting the return of nine iconic maps and the Threewave CTF mode. This iconic mod was added 26 years ago, and is cited by many as the reason why Capture The Flag became such a popular game mode in early multiplayer shooters. It was subsequently added to Quake II, Quake III, and Quake Live.

Update 4 for Quake now live on all platforms, and is available as a free update. Nine maps have been added, alongside Threewave CTF. The nine maps that have been added are as follows:

  • CTF1: McKinley Base
  • CTF2: McKinley Station
  • CTF3: Spill the Blood
  • CTF4: Gloom Castles
  • CTF5: Capture Phobopolis
  • CTF6: Vertigo
  • CTF7: The Strongbox
  • CTF8: Chthon’s Capture House
  • CTF9: Da Ancient War Grounds
Quake. Image credit: Bethesda

In addition to these new maps, Threewave CTF has been added. This is your classic capture the flag mode, but with a few notable twists. First off is the Grapple Hook, which allows players to hang from walls, dart around the map and even damage enemies.

Then there’s the Runes. Four power-up Runes spawn randomly at the start of a match. Each bestows benefits, so teams will want to fight to hold as many Runes as possible. Quake multiplayer and Threewave CTF have always been heavily intertwined, and now players can pick it up for free in the enhanced Quake re-release.

In other gaming news, Saints Row is set to arrive later this year, and we’ve just received the official PC specs and requirements from Volition.


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