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Nu-metal band Trapt have been banned from Twitter after they appeared to defend statutory rape in a series of controversial posts.

The latest blow to the group comes a month after they threatened legal action against Facebook, who banned them after a series of controversial right-wing tirades from singer Chris Taylor Brown.

According to Loudwire, their Twitter ban was sparked by a tweet from the Ill Tempered Podcast, sharing a clip of a new episode which focused on Brown’s inflammatory social media activities.

In the back and forth that is alleged to have occurred, the conversation took a dark turn as they began discussing pedophilia and statutory rape. His tweets have since been removed, but were screencapped by several users, and you can read them below.

Chris Taylor Brown has also been a vocal Donald Trump supporter this year, with the band’s last post depicting the silhouette of a Proud Boy – complete with their signature Fred Perry logo, an association the clothing brand have strongly distanced themselves from – holding Lady Liberty, captioned: “Don’t Worry Girl, We Got You.”

The band’s endorsement of the far-right group led to their removal from Facebook, with Brown claiming his personal Instagram account has also been deleted.

They are yet to comment on their Twitter removal.

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