Trashcan Sinatras

Trashcan Sinatras’ debut album looks set to finally chart, 33 years after its release.

The Scottish band’s debut album ‘Cake’ “barely bruised the charts” when it was first released, only peaking at Number 74. They have continued to record and perform ever since.

However, after the album was reissued by independent label Last Night From Glasgow, it entered the midweek chart at Number Ten, leaving the band “gobsmacked”.

“We were young and energetic, and there was a nervous excitement there too,” guitarist John Douglas told BBC Scotland in response to the news.

“You could say we were wide-eyed but we knew what we wanted the record to sound like, and went through a few producers before getting there. It’s a little of its time, but I think it holds up well.

Trashcan Sinatras
Francis Reader of Trashcan Sinatras. Credit: Martyn Goodacre/Getty

“There was a fearlessness then, and we knew our worth for it. Everyone at the label worked really hard on it, and I remember there was disappointment when it didn’t do anything in the charts.

“But it did well in America, and we were able to tour over there because of it.”

Trashcan Sinatras’ success in America enabled them to keep going as a band and they have maintained the same line-up for the whole of their career. The band also comprises vocalist Francis Reader, drummer Steven Douglas, and guitarist Paul Livingston.

“You should get medals for lasting that long!” Douglas joked. “I think over the years we’ve managed to learn when to ease off and what buttons not to push. We all came from the same background and we’ve managed to keep that friendship going.”

When asked about their surprising chart success, Douglas added: “It was a total surprise. We had no clue that it was going to chart so we are all happily gobsmacked.”

He also mentioned that Trashcan Sinatras are currently in the process of making a new album, which they hope to release next year. “The music industry has changed so much, so every day is like a school day. But as a musician and a songwriter, it’s still the same thing you’re doing, which is trying to write good songs.”

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