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Twitch has announced that it will be adding over 350 new community tags to its platform in order to improve inclusivity.

In a new blog post, Twitch confirmed that next week, streamers will be able to select from 350+ new tags related to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ability, mental health and more.

The live streaming platform also shared some examples of tags that will be on the list, including transgender, Black, disabled, veteran, and Vtuber.

Twitch also announced that it will remove references to “ally” from the LGBTQ+ tag and are creating a standalone one instead.

Twitch said: “We’d like to thank our trans community for originally requesting the “transgender” tag, and for their passion and persistence in pursuit of that request.

“This has been one of the most popular requests we’ve heard, and the simple truth is that we should have done this sooner.”

Twitch tags are used by streamers to boost discoverability, a tool that originally launched in 2018, and streamers have recently been requesting more tags so as to feel more represented on the platform.

The platform revealed that the new additions have been in the works for a while and said that when making the decision to add new tags it “wanted to make sure that we are being as inclusive as possible”.

Additionally, Twitch announced that it has partnered with several independent, third-party organizations such as GLAAD, The Trevor Project, AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and more.

Meanwhile, Twitch has added a dedicated hot tub streaming category following a recent controversy.

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