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Numerous fake Twitter accounts – which still appear as “verified” – have started to appear on the platform following the launch of Twitter Blue, with Nintendo and Valve among the companies affected.

The social media site recently introduced the controversial subscription system after Elon Muskwho bought Twitter for a staggering $44billion last month – announced plans to begin charging “verified” users.

Previously, a “verified” profile – owned by a celebrity, politician, news website or famous brand etc – proved its legitimacy by displaying a blue tick. Twitter Blue, however, allows any subscriber to obtain a blue tick (among other perks) for £6.99 per month.

In turn, it’s become much more difficult to differentiate between real and fake accounts. As Kotaku reports, some gamers have already been fooled by Twitter profiles masquerading as Nintendo and Valve Software. Despite not being the real deal, both handles have blue ticks.

But there is a way to confirm the status of a “verified” Twitter account.

If you click on the blue tick within a profile, a pop-up message will tell you whether the page in question has paid for verification via Twitter Blue or is “verified because it’s a notable government, news, entertainment or another designated category”.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk CREDIT: Scott Olson

The fake Valve account has since tweeted a statement, confirming it had set up the account in protest of Musk’s new subscription service.

“Twitter Blue is a problem, misinformation is so easy to spread and the damage it can cause can have a real impact on people, much more of an impact than a fake game announcement,” it read.

“You now own a massive platform and this is what you choose to do with it, do better. @elonmusk.”

For a brief period, Twitter implemented a double verification system that saw legitimate profiles being given a secondary “Official” tag to prevent imposters. However, these symbols – ridiculed by many – soon began to vanish.

Later, Musk tweeted to say that he’d “just killed” the new tag. “Blue check will be the great leveler,” he added.

Last week, it was revealed that Twitter’s social lead of gaming was one of the many members of staff to be let go by Musk.


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