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Tyler, the Creator

Twitter users found this week that Tyler, the Creator voices several random characters in GTA V.

Seven years after the game’s release, it has finally been confirmed that Tyler, the Creator lent his voice to several NPCs. Fans of the game series took to Twitter to share their videos of the artist and his one-liners.

The videos quickly prompted a barrage of questions leveled at Tyler, who eventually revealed that the voice was his. He tweeted “I’m the voice of random people” and retweeted a video compilation of his character’s lines, confirming the seven-year-old easter egg to be true.

His character cycles through a selection of memorable phrases, for instance, asking the player if he likes potato salad – in a potentially veiled reference to his song of the same name.

There have been many celebrity guest stars in GTA games over the years. Actors such as Juliette Lewis, comedians including Ricky Gervais, and even musician Phil Collins have appeared in the games, often giving performances as their real selves.

In other GTA news, there have been even more fan theories regarding the sixth instalment of the series. After some extensive detective work, fans discovered that a coordinate in one of Rockstar’s latest videos lead to a winding path, appearing to take on the shape of the roman numeral for six.

Whether or not this is related to the long-awaited sequel, a troll by the devs, or merely a coincidence remains to be seen.

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