Ubisoft Scalar

Ubisoft has revealed a piece of cloud computing technology it’s developing called Ubisoft Scalar.

Yesterday (March 18), Ubisoft revealed Ubisoft Scalar, a new piece of cloud computing technology that will apparently enable “the construction of gigantic game worlds at a scale far greater than anything that’s come before,” as noted in its reveal trailer. The project is being helmed by Ubisoft Stockholm, alongside an IP that it is developing using this technology. No details were revealed about this new IP.

“Games using Ubisoft Scalar can use a virtually unlimited amount of computing power, and thus run anything from virtual worlds of unprecedented scale and depth to vastly detailed simulations that wouldn’t be possible otherwise,” said Ubisoft in a press release.

“By placing microservices independently in the cloud, Ubisoft Scalar enables developers to update and improve one service without impacting others, or even add new features or components to a game without interrupting play sessions.

“Ubisoft Scalar’s purpose is to remove technical constraints for game developers, enabling them to focus on creativity and design for never-before-seen player experiences.”

The difference between cloud streaming and cloud computing is that the former still relies on a piece of hardware, whereas the latter allows for all processing to be done specifically in the cloud. This is part of the purpose of Ubisoft Scalar, which will supposedly enable the studio to build “gigantic game worlds, at a scale far greater than anything that has come before,” according to the trailer.

The trailer notes that the Ubisoft technology will support “massive numbers of game assets, simulations, AI, and player entities.” It also says that “because the dreams of players and game makers are constantly evolving, this technology is made to evolve alongside them, updating constantly, and adding more capabilities as they are needed without interrupting play.”

In other news, Red Candle Games has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its next game, Nine Sols.

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