Iron Gate’s Hearth and Home update will change how food affects blocking and parrying in Valheim.

Details about Valheim’s upcoming Hearth and Home update have been gradually revealed through bite-sized YouTube videos from the developer. The latest covers how the changes to food will affect blocking and parrying.

In a previous update, Iron Gate revealed how food would be updated to focus more specifically on providing health or stamina boosts. The goal is to allow different playstyle to benefit more from different food effects—the new details about blocking show how this will affect those who like to tank attacks.

In Valheim‘s Hearth and Home, players ability to block will be based on their maximum health. This means that a priority on health foods will allow for greater defensive options. To counter this, there is now a new stagger meter. Instead of players blocks failing when their stamina runs low, there is now a dedicated bar near the player character. This will increase when attacks are blocked until eventually it is filled. After this, the next attack will break the player’s block and briefly stun them.

These changes to food help to define playstyles in Valheim. Players who want to focus on stealth and archery will potentially want to forgo health foods to boost their stamina instead. This will ensure they can stay quiet or fling arrows for as long as possible. If health foods are completely ignored, players can become glass cannons dealing out huge damage but weak to enemy attacks.

There is still no confirmed release date for Valheim‘s long-awaited Hearth and Home update, although the developer has stated it will release this year.

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