Valve has started selling refurbished Steam Decks as an alternative option for purchasing its portable gaming computer at a discount.

If this appeals to PC players, then Valve has assured that the units are still subject to over 100 tests before they are allowed to become available. “Each Certified Refurbished Steam Deck has been thoroughly tested to the same high standards as our retail units. Every device goes through a complete factory reset, software update, and an extensive examination,” explained the company.

Tests address the battery health and longevity, internal circuitry, screen quality, audio system and the controller inputs to name a few areas. Additionally, the same one year warranty that the new Steam Decks share applies for these purchases too.

“Although they may have minor cosmetic blemishes, they provide a reliable, high-quality gaming experience at a lower cost,” rationalised Valve. All three versions of the handheld are on sale – these are the 64 GB model with eMMC storage, the 256GB model with a NVMe SSD and the 512GB model with an improved NVMe SSD and an anti-glare glass screen.

The prices and potential savings are as follows:

  • 64GB – £279.00/$319.00 (normally £349.00/$399.00)
  • 256GB – £369.00/$419.00 (normally £459.00/$529.00)
  • 512GB – £459.00/$519.00 (normally £569.00/$649.00)

At the moment, the 64GB model is sold out – for both refurbished and new versions. Valve also announced that select GameStop stores will stock refurbished Steam Decks, although they will have a different warranty as a result.

steam deck
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

In NME‘s four-star review of the handheld, its versatility and straightforwardness were the highlights of the experience, though the fans might become appreciably loud at times.

“It sounds silly but in the month since I got the console, I’ve reconnected with my Steam library in a whole new way,” Louise Blain wrote. “It’s no longer a terrifying behemoth of unplayed rash Steam sale purchases but an instantly accessible playground.”

In other gaming news, Dead By Daylight‘s crossover with Ridley Scott’s Alien might add one of the toughest Killers to the asymmetric multiplayer.

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