Vampire Survivors

A new update for reverse bullet-hell shooter Vampire Survivors has introduced a final boss to the game.

The 0.8 Patch was announced earlier this month, and has introduced a new version of the roguelike game’s fifth stage and the final relic that was planned for the original roadmap.

According to the patch notes, after the final relic is added and collected by the player, a new permanent feature will be introduced to all future runs called the Milky Way Map. This feature will activate the game’s pause menu.

But what wasn’t announced was that the new version of the fifth stage now includes Vampire Survivors‘ final boss.

Following the launch of The Winged One Patch, after surviving 30-minutes of Cappella Magna all the remaining reapers and monsters will come together to create one giant foe – Power Rangers style.

According to Polygon, once a player has done enough damage to this new boss, it will explode and a gray reaper will come and kill the player. It may look like a game over but that’s how you finally beat Vampire Survivors.

Once a player has beaten this new version of Capelle Magna, a less intense version of the level will be unlocked alongside a new Arcana and that new, Great Gospel relic.

The previous patch 0.7.3, nicknamed The Posh One, added a new character named Sir Ambrojoe, one of the +3 amount characters. In order to unlock this character, players will need to beat 6000 Stagekillers. Ambrojoe also starts with a temporary +10 amount bonus, similar to characters such as Porta and Clerici.

Alongside Sir Ambrojoe, another secret character was added named Peppino – an immobile tree that stands in the centre of the map. Although unable to move, the character is able to cast spells, and use abilities and other items to fight off enemies.

In other news, Overwatch 2 players feel that Junker Queen should be made larger for her role as a tank character.

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