Call Of Duty: Warzone

Professional Warzone player JGOD has listed his issues with the game’s current state, claiming that the pacing has been ruined.

In a recent video, spotted by Charlie Intel, JGOD has outlined his feelings with the latest update to Call Of Duty: Warzone. Primarily he thinks that by removing early loadout purchases, the pacing has been “ruined”. He says in the video that he would like to see less randomness in the battle royale.

“That’s one of the things that is crazy,” JGOD says, “The floor loot is so important in the early game. You’re trying to get ‘meta’ weapons.” He continues, “Obviously, the loadout situation has changed things up quite a bit because you end up with scenarios where people are fighting for getting the loadout late. You can’t buy the loadout to get the weapons you want. So you’re kind of just stuck with this RNG factor. And I think people are really split on this because, for me, I’m all about removing as much RNG from the battle royale as possible.”

Loadouts are a purchasable option in Warzone and allow players to equip a predetermined set of weapons and perks. With the introduction of Vanguard content, players now have to play through more of a match before accessing their loadouts. JGOD says that this has led players to search for floor loot, which spawns on the ground, to succeed in the early game. Often this comes down to luck as certain weapons are more potent than others, and if you find the wrong kit, you might not get to the phase where you can choose your personally tailored loadout.

In other news, new Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin characters have been revealed in a Square Enix blog post.

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