aespa have released a new music video for their new song ‘I’m Unhappy’.

The music video, released on May 2, opens with a shot of member Winter running down a high school hallway, as the sound of a heartrate monitor plays in the background. As it flatlines, the word “contiune?” appears on screen, followed by a countdown, like an old-school arcade video game.

The clip then cuts to the singer waking up in the middle of a party, with the members looking forlorn while singing about being unhappy. “Busy decorating, looking at this feed / I’m not curious, set me free / It’s like hell, yeah, I’m unhappy, I’m unhappy,” they sing on the chorus.

aespa originally previewed ‘I’m Unhappy’ during their ‘SYNK: Hyper Line’ concert in February. The song is set to appear on the girl group’s upcoming mini-album ‘MY WORLD’, due out later this month.

Aside from ‘I’m Unhappy’, ‘MY WORLD’ will also feature the songs ‘Salty & Sweet’, ‘Thirsty’ and ‘I’m Unhappy’, all of which aespa performing during their February concert. The mini-album will also include ‘Welcome To MY WORLD’, which was released earlier this week, as well as the lead single ‘Spicy’.

‘MY WORLD’ comes nearly a year after aespa’s last release, ‘Girls’ in July 2022. That record featured the singles ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘Girls’, as well as the fan-favourite B-side ‘Illusion’. Notably, NME named ’Illusion’ as one of the best K-pop songs of 2022.

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