BON JOVI is among a group of stars from film, TV, sports and music who have signed up for a social media campaign to show support for Ukraine. The global social media rally supported by Global Citizen is taking place ahead of tomorrow's (Saturday, April 9) "Stand Up For Ukraine" pledging event in Warsaw, Poland. The event aims to mobilize significant funding to help vulnerable civilians impacted by the conflict and to support refugees everywhere. The social media rally is encouraging citizens to call on governments, institutions, corporations, and individuals to donate to humanitarian efforts for Ukraine and refugees from conflicts worldwide, such as Yemen, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. Together, the "Stand Up For Ukraine" pledging event and rally seek to raise billions of dollars to bolster the United Nations' flash funding appeal to assist the more than 3.7 million refugees who have fled Ukraine, the 6.5 million people displaced within the country, and other global humanitarian priorities. Estimates suggest the costs associated with this refugee crisis could be $30 billion a year. Governments must support efforts to provide education for all children and youth, access to healthcare services particularly for women and girls, and prevent a global food systems meltdown. In addition, governments must do their part to protect the most vulnerable ones from the effect of the violence in Ukraine by protecting all refugees. This means offering protection to all people forced to flee Ukraine, suspending entry requirements, keeping borders open and offering an immediately accessible resettlement route to ensure access to asylum and international protection without discrimination, on the basis of age, gender, race, nationality or any other reason. It also means strengthening child-friendly processes to identify, register and screen for specific vulnerabilities, in particular unaccompanied and separated children and vulnerable women at the borders, and prevent as a matter of urgency the risk of trafficking. Video of BON JOVI performing "We Don't Run" for Global Citizen's "Stand Up For Ukraine" can be seen below.

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