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CL has taken on First We Feast’s popular ‘Hot Ones’ challenge, trying a range of spicy sauces that rank progressively higher on the Scoville scale.

The South Korean singer released her long-awaited debut full-length album ‘ALPHA’ earlier this week, alongside the music video for its latest single ‘Tie A Cherry’. Accompanied by ‘Hot Ones’ host Sean Evans, CL tried a selection of sauces that get progressively spicier throughout the interview.

“Eating on camera, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before,” said the K-pop veteran, taking her first bite from a classic hot sauce-covered wing. “It’s good!” she exclaims.

As the singer moved up the Scoville scale, CL opened up about her creative process. “It’s a character I build, and once that message and who she is is created, everything I want to talk about comes and flows naturally,” she shared.

The star went on to reflect on her time with girl group 2NE1, where she first debuted in 2007. “I think being able to work with three very different types of characters, together as a group – I learned so much from them,” she reflected.

“Like, [Park] Bom’s vocals are amazing, and just learning how she talks, even, helps a lot, and you’re just around that all the time,” the former 2NE1 leader. “Things like that, they’re just naturally soaked into me. They are a part of me, always.”

Later, Evans asked CL how Korean food measures up to other cuisines in terms of spiciness. “It’s very spicy. But at the same time, I cant really talk because there’s a lot going on right now,” she answered with teary eyes. “Am I high right now?”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to put that on food,” the singer exclaimed as she approached the spiciest sauces in the challenge. “I hate my team, they were so excited about this, about me being here.”

In a four-star review of CL’s ‘ALPHA’, NME said called the record “a homecoming by all definitions of the word, the singer-rapper takes an unabashed leap into the unknown while forging and fortifying her signature sound.”

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