Watch Dogs Aiden Pierce

During the Ubisoft Forward live stream, Ubisoft revealed that Aiden Pierce will return to the Watch Dogs series alongside Wrench.

Iconic protagonist Aiden Pierce, the main character character from the original Watch Dogs, released in 2014 was featured in the trailer which alongside Wrench.

The DedSec hacker from Watch Dogs 2 is another returning character, who can can be seen fighting Aiden in the trailer. His appearance in the game was teased earlier this week, via humorous video on twitter.

The expansion will be released on July 6 2021.

In NME’s review of Watch Dogs: Legion, Jordan Oloman wrote: “Ubisoft’s latest open-world game takes players to the capital of the United Kingdom, in order to liberate it from the thrall of an authoritarian regime.”

Discussing the game’s plot he said: “It’s set in an alternate universe where the crypto-fascists have already got what they wanted – a great premise if you’re not actually British, at which point it becomes a bit close to the bone.”

“It follows a group of white hat hackers called DedSec, who are forced to create an enclave of resistance fighters out of London’s civilians to topple the oppressors dominating the capital.”

Watch Dogs: Legion recently received some surprising new DLC in the form of Legion of the Dead, a new co-op roguelite mode that sees members of DedSec face off against zombies in London. It came free as part of title update 4.5.

In other Ubisoft news, The first gameplay footage for Rainbow Six Extraction was shown off during the Ubisoft Forward official livestream.

The first look at the co-op shooter showed how operators be able to use REACT tech to get an edge on the aliens. REACT gear appears to be reskinned versions of the equipment used by players in Rainbow Six Siege.

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