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Doja Cat returned to Twitch to play PowerWash Simulator and gave fans a rendition of Beyoncé classic ‘Drunk In Love’ – check it out below.

Doja Cat originally joined Twitch back in 2021 to stream horror game Little Nightmares before using the platform to help her get past a level on INSIDE the following month. Since then, she’s streamed sporadically, typically announcing that she’s going live without any warning.

Earlier this week, she returned to Twitch to stream games of PowerWash Simulator to her 436,000 followers.

On February 13, Doja Cat announced she would be playing “a satanic game of PowerWash, Illuminati style” and during the stream, things got a little weird.

“The symbolism is so deep: The cleaning of the house represents her cleaning herself of the evils of the music industry and the evils of society,” said Doja Cat during the stream. “The elite hate her for this. She is the saviour of all music and the goddess of all that is good. Honestly, fucking truth,” she continued before powerwashing a patio.

Yesterday (February 15) Doja Cat returned for a multiplayer match of PowerWash Simulator. During the game, she sang a rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk In Love’ to celebrate a victory as well as doing an impression of Queen Bey. “As Beyoncé, I have to say I did such a good job on PowerWash. I love PowerWash. I play it all the time.”

Check out the footage below:

Responding to the footage, the Powerwash Simulator Twitter account wrote: “DOJANCÉ wasn’t on our 2023 PowerWash bingo card.”

Earlier this week, one fan used The Last Of Us Part 2 to locate their seats for Beyoncé‘s 2023 ‘Renaissance’ tour.

Meanwhile, Doja Cat is one of the artists handpicked by John Cena to feature on the official soundtrack of WWE 2K23.

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