Drake and Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen joins Drake for dinner in Drake’s new video for ‘You Broke My Heart’, off the ‘Scary Hours Edition’ of his 2023 album, ‘For All The Dogs’.

The six-minute video begins in a restaurant, where Wallen and Drake share a table over dinner, celebrating Wallen’s breakup with an unnamed girl. “I didn’t like her,” Wallen admits. “I think she might have been the wrong girl anyway.” Drake then asks him, “Well, what now?” In response, Wallen simply says, “You tell me,” before the two share a toast and leave.

As the song begins playing, the pair get into a car and drive off before the car gets blown up by a pair of women – played by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris – in a seeming allusion to the song’s lyric, “I swear you’re dead to me / Does Mercedes make a hearse?”. The women then proceed to rap along to the song, as chaos unfolds in the streets.

Watch the video for ‘You Broke My Heart’ below:

‘You Broke My Heart’ is the last track from the ‘Scary Hours Edition’ of Drake’s eighth studio album, ‘For All The Dogs’. The deluxe edition adds an additional six songs to the 23-track album, which also double as the third instalment of his ‘Scary Hours’ series of EPs, which he began releasing in 2018.

On the new release, Drake calls out various people, including Kanye West, Pusha T, Joe Budden and 6ix9ine, while also expressing his admiration for John Cena and Taylor Swift.

‘For All The Dogs’ received a scathing two-star review from NME, with the album being called “painfully mid” and a display of poor quality control. “At 23 tracks and almost 85 minutes in total length, ‘For All The Dogs’ ends up feeling at times like a slog, a feeling not helped by the artist feeling obliged to pepper the albums with long-winded intros, needless interludes and various faux-radio show skits,” wrote Luke Morgan Britton.

Recently, the rapper announced a new run of US shows scheduled for January 2024 on his ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour. This time, it will be co-headlined by J. Cole. Drake’s ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour began in July, in which he shared the stage with co-headliner 21 Savage. Last month, the tour was declared the highest-grossing rap tour ever, surpassing Kendrick Lamar’s record set through his blockbuster ‘Big Steppers Tour’ in 2022. Whereas Lamar’s tour earned $110.9million in ticket sales over 73 shows, Drake’s tour managed to gross $129.7million in only 30 dates.

Drake has also recently teased an upcoming Europe tour, claiming that he would want to visit countries he has never performed in before, including Italy and Albania.

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