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Kanye West

Several Kanye West fans have appeared in a new campaign video to explain why they’re voting for the rapper to become the next President of the United States.

West, who was recently revealed to have spent $3million (£2.27million) of his own money on his White House run last month despite raising just $2,782 (£2,130), is continuing his bid in opposition of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

In his latest campaign video, West’s voters explain why they’re backing him for the Oval Office. “Kanye West is the best for the American people,” one voter stated. “With the help from God, he will achieve his goal by winning the 2020 presidential election.”

Another said: “I will be voting for Kanye West this year because America needs a leader who will actually listen to the kids.” Others in the clip mentioned that “America needs a strong leader with ideas,” that West is “going to help people [and] cares about families,” and his “faith-based” Christian campaign was appealing.

To prove that each person was real, their names and the states they reside in were also included in each of their “I support Kanye West” messages.

Elsewhere, as reported earlier today (October 22), West is currently polling at 2 per cent ahead of US election on November 3.

The rapper is fighting an uphill battle with his presidential campaign.

His name is currently set to appear on the ballot in only 11 of the 50 US states. Of these 11, only one, Minnesota, was considered a swing state at the 2016 election.

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