Funko Fusion. Credit: 10:10 Games.

10:10 Games has released a trailer for its debut title Funko Fusion – an action-adventure game that features Funko Pop characters from Jurassic World, The Umbrella Academy, and more.

Set to launch for PC and console platforms in 2024, Funko Fusion is a third-person action game that will see Funko Pops fight enemies and solve puzzles across a variety of worlds.

The first trailer shows characters from the likes of The Umbrella Academy, Shaun Of The Dead and The Thing doing battle. Some of the trailer’s locales will also look familiar, as Back To The Future‘s town of Hill Valley and Jurassic World‘s Isla Nublar both make appearances as levels in the game.

You can check out the trailer below.


The game appears to share some similarities to TT GamesLego series, which — like Funko Fusion — features a mix of third-person combat, co-op, and puzzle-solving. The two studios do share a connection, as both were founded by game developer Jon Burton.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to show everyone what the team here at 10:10 Games has been up to,” shared Arthur Parsons, a co-founder of 10:10 Games. He also described Funko Fusion as offering “a gaming experience that is incredibly fun, surprising, authentic, and celebrates fandom like never before”.

While the trailer showcases a couple of family-friendly franchises like Back To The Future and He-Man, other scenes are more adult in their nature — such as one Funko getting their hands bitten off in a cartoonish recreation of this scene from The Thing.

Dolly Ahluwalia, the senior vice president of licensing and emerging brands at Funko, said it has been able to work with “characters that appeal to all ages” to create Funko Fusion, and described working with Universal as a “dream”.

Earlier in the year, Funko turned a scene from the last season of Stranger Things into a Pop figure.

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