Nick Cave live in Australia 2022 (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Nick Cave has debuted a brand new song at his recent concert in Chicago – watch the full video below.

On September 29 in Chicago, Cave performed an intimate piano ballad, and later responded to a fan who asked about the song in his newsletter. The Australian musician has slowly been releasing details about the new Bad Seeds album, revealing earlier this May that the music was “just so instantly interesting” as well as “different all the time”.

In Issue 255 of The Red Hand Files, Cave elaborated on the process of writing ‘Euthanasia’, which he performed at Alexandra Palace, and a new song which he called ‘To Be Found’.

“When I’m working on an album with The Bad Seeds, I occasionally record a song alone at the piano,” he wrote. “Stylistically, these songs usually sit outside the new record and they are generally fragmentary things, circular in shape, softly sung, unspectacular and unformed. There is little love for them from the band, and they aren’t strong enough to compete with the larger, more imposing songs – consequently they tend to fall by the wayside.”

“When I listen back to the recordings, I’ll come across one or two of these songs, languishing in some forgotten corner, and I will find myself secretly moved by their unassuming loveliness,” he continued. “As a result I become very attached to them. ‘Euthanasia’, which I played in Asheville and Cleveland, is a song that I wrote around the time of Skeleton Tree, and is a perfect example — dismissed at the time, it has now become one of my favourites.”

‘To Be Found’, Cave said, “is another such song”. Initially performed without a title, Cave continued: “The sentiment is simple and softly spoken, the song unable to even declare its name, but still it is a special song, full of unspecified emotional impact and a great pleasure to play. I think I’ll call the song “To Be Found”.”

The Bad Seeds last released music with 2019’s ‘Ghosteen‘; our five-star review asserted it was “one of the most devastatingly accurate accounts of grief that you’ll ever listen to. Yet it’s also, astoundingly, one of the most comforting.”

Cave has previously shared snippets of lyrics he has written for the upcoming record; in January, he described the process as “a nasty, punishing, baggy-eyed business”, and said he had started writing on New Year’s Day. “It is now January 6. Nearly a week has passed and I’ve written a few things but they aren’t very good, or maybe they are, it’s difficult to tell,” he wrote in The Red Hand Files.

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