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NBA 2K21

2K Games has released next-gen footage of NBA 2K21, showcasing the game on a PlayStation 5.

The game has previously been announced to be a launch title for the PS5 and both Xbox Series systems, and the new look aims to demonstrate just how substantial the leap between current and next-gen is.

Utilising the PS5 hardware, the new footage for NBA 2K21 divulges some drastic changes from its current-gen predecessor. Facial animations are shown to be more realistic, reflective lighting from the court, increased dynamic lighting, and a densely packed crowd.

Check out the stunning footage below:

NBA 2K21 was the first game to introduce a price hike for next-gen games. While the current-gen version currently retails for $59.99 (£54.99), the next-gen version is set to be $69.99 (£64.99). There are no plans for a free upgrade for existing owners as it’s been described as “a monumental leap forward for the franchise”

Take-Two Interactive, the partner company of 2K Games later said that “the price is justified,” and that the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 is “the kind of experience you can really only have on these next-generation consoles”.

The company doubled down on their views when it later came forward in an interview and stated: “The bottom line is that we haven’t seen a front-line price increase for nearly 15 years, and production costs have gone up 200 to 300 per cent.”

NBA 2K21 will be a launch title for both the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. A current-gen version is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

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