Sam Fender and Shaun Williamson

Sam Fender was last night (July 23) joined on stage by Shaun Williamson – who played Barry in Eastenders – at Truck Festival. Check out footage of the moment below.

The musician headlined Truck Festival in Oxfordshire on Saturday night and surprised fans by being joined on stage by Williamson to sing ‘Getting Started’ early in his set.

Fender described the moment as “one of the highlights of our career” for him and his band.

Williamson is best known for playing the character of Barry in Eastenders as well as a satirical version of himself in Ricky Gervais’ Extras. He announced in January that he would be going on the road this year with his ‘Barrioke’ nights tour, which are made up of karaoke themed nights where fans are invited to join Williamson on stage for a singalong.

Check out the moment here together with the set-list:

Sam Fender and Shaun Williamson
Sam Fender and Shaun Williamson on stage at Truck Festival – CREDIT: Caitlin Mogridge

Sam Fender Set List – Truck Festival

‘Will We Talk?’
‘Getting Started’ – with Shaun Williamson 
‘Dead Boys’
‘Better of Me’
‘The Borders’
‘Get You Down’
‘Spit of You’
‘The Dying Light’
‘Seventeen Going Under’
‘Hypersonic Missiles’

Recently, Fender discussed who he’d like to play him in a biopic of his life.

Speaking to The Sun, Fender said he would like to see Evan Peters from American Horror Story play him if a film was ever made of his life.

He told the publication: “Who would I want, compared to who would actually play us, is probably very different.

I’d want that kid who stars in American Horror Story, Evan Peters. That’s who I would want to play me, but I’m not that cool or sexy. I’d want him playing me because he’s got that kind of dead look behind his eyes that I’ve got.”

He went on to joke that “in reality they’d probably get Michael Cera.”

Earlier this month, Fender gave his new single ‘Alright’ its live debut at his huge Finsbury Park gig – the biggest of his career to date.

Reviewing the Finsbury Park gig, NME wrote: “For the most part, tonight is a triumph – made resoundingly clear in its final throes. ‘This song went much further than we ever imagined it would do and that was all down to you so thank you so much,’ Fender says by way of introduction for the penultimate, rousing version of ‘Seventeen Going Under’.

“As its first guitar chimes ripple over the crowd, the audience responds by setting off so many flares, the air in the park becomes thick with smoke and the scent of burning chemicals. It might be a hugely anthemic moment in the set, but it’s also one that’s massively emotional – the tens of thousands of people roaring along to its chanting vocals feel like a victory in the face of the dark times the lyrics document.”

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