Theresa Jarvis of Yonaka performs at Robert Smith's Meltdown festival at The Royal Festival Hall on June 17, 2018 in London, England. Credit: Burak Cingi

Yonaka have released their latest single ‘Panic’, along with a music video for the punchy track. Check it out below.

The video features the three-piece swinging from ropes in a neon-lit room, running around in a warehouse, pushing a mannequin in a trolley and dancing while wearing jumpsuits, bringing to life the lyrics, which deal with the nature of having a panic attack.

“‘Panic’ is a song about having a panic attack and how the body gets taken over by this other entity” shared lead singer Theresa Jarvis.

“I’ve got the angel and the devil on my shoulders constantly arguing about which road I should go down and how mental health carries a weight so heavy that it’s hard to feel affected by outside dangers.”

She added: “But I want you to feel the lightness of the track and I want it to make you laugh because I’m literally having an argument with myself.”


Mental health has always been a focal point for the band. Opening up to NME, Jarvis previously shared that the band’s debut album had mental health as a central theme.

“Sometimes we feel so different and so alone but we are all dealing with similar things,” she said. “I just want our music to make everyone feel strong and like they’re worth something because that’s all I want to feel.”

‘Panic’ is the first single off of the band’s upcoming third album ‘Welcome To My House’, which is set for release on March 31.

Yonaka has recently signed to LAVA, with the single being the first to be released from their new label home.

Meanwhile, Jarvis also recently teamed up with G2 Esports to create their 2023 anthem ‘Detonate’ – emphasizing the similarities and importance between the outlets that both gaming and music provide for people.

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