Waterparks have shared an update on their forthcoming new album, teasing that it’s “80 per cent done”.

The follow-up to last year’s ‘Greatest Hits’ will be the band’s fifth album, and according to a social media post the Texas trio are wading through a lot of material.

Yesterday (February 14), the band’s official Twitter account confirmed that their next album – tentatively titled ‘PARX5’ – is currently “80 per cent done”. They also revealed that they’ve penned 55 songs for the project that total two hours and 23 minutes.

Over on frontman Awsten Knight’s Instagram Story, he said of the new material: “Can’t even describe how good this shit is,” and that song number 54 out of 55 was his “current fave”.

He also tweeted that the band “need more friends on this album”, with Phem and Against The Current‘s Chrissy Costanza throwing their hats in the ring in the replies.

Speaking to NME at Reading Festival last year, Knight revealed that there are some collaborative tracks sitting in the Waterparks vault.

Texas rapper De’Wayne previously featured on their 2021 single ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)’, and Aswten told NME that this wasn’t the only song they worked on. “I’ve got a few things with De’Wayne”, explaining that the duo worked on songs remotely during the coronavirus lockdown.

“There was one song we did where we just went back and forth a lot and it’s really cool, so maybe that one will come out at some point, somehow.”

He also told NME that the pop-punk band had loads of demos leftover from ‘Greatest Hits’.

“There are by far more demos for ‘Greatest Hits’ than any other album [we’ve written], there are 108,” he said. “Maybe we’ll pull one or two… Maybe I’ll leak stuff if I’m in that mood. I get in that mood sometimes where I’m antsy and I’m like, ‘Got to do something… go!’”

Meanwhile, Waterparks have changed the song title to one of their tracks to match a fan’s misspelt tattoo.

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