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Acclaimed fantasy and science fiction writer Brandon Sanderson has joked about not being chosen to write the lore of Elden Ring over George R.R. Martin.

Sanderson wrote the last three books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, after being asked to by Jordan’s wife when he passed in 2007. Sanderson is also responsible for creating the Cosmere universe, which contains both the Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series’.

As noted by TechRadar, Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells recently hosted a live episode of their podcast Intentionally Blank, and during a Q&A section Sanderson (labelled “not Dan Wells”, and sitting on the right) talked about his relationship with FromSoftware‘s games and next month’s Elden Ring.

“Let me be salty. FromSoftware decides to make a fantasy game and partner with a fantasy novelist,” began Sanderson, “and they choose someone who spends his days blogging about the NFL rather than the person who has played their games since King’s Field and has listed their games as among his top ten consistently over time.”

Brandon Sanderson on FROMSOFTWARE hiring GRRM to write Elden Ring’s lore from Eldenring

“What are you thinking, people? They went to George and made a game with George, and I’m like, George doesn’t play video games. George has no idea,” added the Wheel of Time author.

Sanderson clearly takes a playful tone regarding the situation, but also obviously wanted to be involved with the process of a FromSoftware title. You can also find the whole episode of Intentionally Blank here. The author is also currently working on a video game property with a well-known studio.

The Wheel Of Time
Cast of ‘The Wheel Of Time’ – Zoë Robins (Nynaeve al’Meara), Barney Harris (Mat Cauthon), Daniel Henney (Lan Mondragoran), Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred), Madeleine Madden (Egwene al’Vere), Marcus Rutherford (Perrin Aybara), Josha Stradowski (Rand al’Thor). CREDIT: Amazon

Towards the end of last year George R.R. Martin admitted that whilst he doesn’t play many video games – although he was once partial to Railroad Tycoon – it was the offer itself on Elden Ring he just couldn’t pass up.

“What they wanted from me was just a bit of world building: a deep, dark, resonant world to serve as a foundation for the game they planned to create,” Martin said.

In other news, Rare has said Sea Of Thieves will have its “biggest year yet” ahead of a stream this week.

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