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World Of Warcraft‘s Sepulcher of the First Ones has been completed at Mythic difficulty by esports organisation Echo, after an 18-day race to become the first group to complete it.

As reported by PCGamesN, Sepulcher of the First Ones recently received a Mythic mode – the hardest difficulty in the MMO – and it’s taken players and esports organisations alike weeks to complete due to its difficulty.

As Squishei explains on Wowhead: “After an 18 day race and 277 pulls, Echo has claimed the world first Mythic Jailer and the world first clear of Mythic Sepulcher of First Ones! With this victory, Echo has secured their status as two time world first champions of Shadowlands!”

You can check out the moment Echo wins the Sepulcher of the First Ones: World First below.

The completion took so long due to the fact that this raid was not only more difficult, but because it takes so long – after being wiped by a boss, teams would need to begin again.

Sepulcher of the First Ones is one of Shadowlands‘ final raids and features the final boss fight between the player and the expansion’s antagonist, The Jailer. According to the Wowhead statistics, this fight was the hardest because The Jailer would get 14.4 per cent of his health back, as well as a shield, at some point during the boss fight.

Wowhead notes that one Echo player, Fraggou, had to switch his Fury Warrior for an Arms Warrior, which made a big difference in sealing the esports teams’ win.

Elsewhere, Blizzard has announced that it’s bringing back the Mage Tower to World Of Warcraft, permanently. The tower was first introduced in the Legion expansion and challenged players to conquer unique solo class-specific encounters.

This time around, players will be able to enter the tower and engage in seven encounters featuring different boss fights. Completing each one will reward players with achievements, along with some rare items.

In other news, two new characters have been revealed for Genshin Impact.

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