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Blizzard have provided fans with an update on the upcoming World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, promising that it will release later this year.

News of the release window was detailed in a stream the developer put out today (July 8), which stated the game would be coming this year.

“You have our commitment that we will be releasing Shadowlands this fall,” executive producer John Hight promised to fans, “even if we end up shipping it from our homes.”

Not only were fans given an estimate of when the expansion will arrive, but plenty of new gameplay details were announced of what to expect.

Most notable was the announcement that Shadowlands will be entering a beta test next week. Players who have opted for betas in their settings have been told to look out for invites which will be arriving over the summer. The beta is described as being “feature complete” which will allow players to reach the level-cap and view the end-game content.

Many of the new features were also discussed during the stream. One of the main features for Shadowlands is the inclusion of 4 covenants. Initially, players will be allowed to interact with each covenant to get a feel for each one. However, later a choice will have to be made which will lock players into faction-specific content, as well as its own story path and upgrade trees.

You can see all the new features coming here:

A collectors edition for the Shadowlands expansion is also arriving to coincide with the release later this year. In this edition, the game will come bundled with an art book, mouse pad, collector’s pin set and many digital items such as a new pet for players to own.

In related news, Destiny 2 has brought back five old raids for a limited time. Amongst the returning raids are Leviathan, Eater Of Worlds, Spire Of Stars, Scourge Of The Past and Crown Of Sorrows. Destiny 2 is set to create a vault service which will store older elements of the game to make room for new parts, mixing and matching however they deem necessary.

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