Terra Invicta

Upcoming sci-fi strategy title Terra Invicta has been delayed until the second quarter of 2022, developer Pavonis Interactive has announced.

Confirmation of the delay came via a YouTube video (as spotted by PCGamesN). Although the game is said to currently be “coming along wonderfully” and “in late beta testing”, it now won’t see release until next Spring.

While Terra Invicta is described as “feature complete” already, Pavonis will be using the extra time to refine the game and add to what has already been created. Twelve new spaceships are being added to the fleet, along with kaiju that can rampage through cities on Earth, and alien bases to be tackled.

Terra Invicta is very broadly inspired by the XCOM series, with Pavonis having its roots in the mod scene for Firaxis Games‘ fan-favourite turn-based strategy game. After creating the well-received The Long War mod for 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, publisher 2K commissioned Pavonis to create The Long War 2 for XCOM 2, which offered players “a greater variety of strategic and tactical experiences during an extended and challenging campaign”.

Terra Invicta is Pavonis’ first standalone game, and will see players control one of seven factions on Earth, as our solar system comes to the attention of extra-terrestrial forces. Some want to submit to alien rule, thinking it will elevate our species, while others fight back against an invasion. While the game will feature Earth-bound missions like its inspiration, it will also see grand space battles against both rival factions and alien enemies.

Pavonis ran a Kickstarter campaign for Terra Invicta in September 2020, hitting the initial funding goal in just six hours and initially targeting an August 2021 release date. The crowdfunding window ultimately saw the game attract more than ten times its $20,000 (£14,900) target, ending with $216,065 (£161,000) raised. With no sign of a new XCOM game, and Firaxis currently working on Marvel’s Midnight SunsTerra Invicta may be just the ticket to scratch players’ alien-busting strategic itch – even if they’ll be waiting a little longer for the pleasure.

In other news, SEGA has said it believes its new strategy title Humankind could be just the first in a series, saying the new game “has become an IP we want to nurture for a long time”.

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