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K-pop girl group H1-KEY have dropped their new single ‘Deeper’

The quartet released the new visual for ‘Deeper’ on their YouTube channel last night (February 27), featuring the four members of H1-KEY singing the song live on an elevated platform against a dark backdrop, with standing mics. The song is the second release in the girl group’s ‘H1-KEYnote’ project, which “focuses on their identity and belief in the power of ‘good music'”.

‘Deeper’ is a soft pop track that places more emphasis on the group’s vocals as a more emotional entry into the group’s discography. “I’m happy and I’m gon’ get up / Sweet and bitter memories / With everything behind, just look forward, I am glad to take a step ahead,” they belt on the song’s affecting chorus.

The ongoing ‘H1-KEYnote’ project started with the release of the single ‘Thinkin’ About You’ late last month, which sports a similar style to ‘Deeper’ in terms of vocal emphasis. It remains unclear if both singles will appear on a larger body of work in the near future.

Comprising Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo and Yel, H1-KEY made their official debut in early 2022 with the single album ‘Athletic Girl’, and have released one other single album and two mini-albums in the time since. Their most recent record was ‘Seoul Dreaming’, which released in late August 2023 and featured title track ‘Seoul (Such a Beautiful City)’. 

In other K-pop news, CRAVITY dropped the music video for their new single ‘Love or Die’, the title track off their new album ‘Evershine’, yesterday. The project is their first release of 2024, and follows their September 2023 mini-album, ‘Sun Seeker’.

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