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Lovelyz member Jisoo has addressed the possibility of a reunion for the girl group, saying that there’s only a “five per cent” chance of it happening.

Earlier this week on February 26, the singer-actress made her official debut as an online gaming streamer with her own personal channel on Korean platform AfreecaTV. She hosted her first-ever livestream on the same day.

During the livestream, the singer answered fans’ questions about the future of Lovelyz. The eight-piece has been inactive since all members but Baby Soul left longtime label Woollim Entertainment in 2021. Since then, numerous members of Lovelyz have explored solo careers in music, acting and more under different agencies.

“I’m not sure if we could make it happen, but we’ve been talking about holding a concert,” Jisoo said during the livestream, per SBS Star“The chances are like five per cent, but who knows? I believe it’s possible because CEO Lee Jung-yeop of Woollim Entertainment loves us a lot.”

Despite her hopes, Jisoo noted that “each member is busy with their schedules, and we all are with different agencies”. Yet, the singer tried to assure viewers, addeding that the girl group “[have] been doing our best to make it happen”.

Elsewhere in the livestream, the K-pop idol also explained why she decided to become a livestreamer“I’ve been pursuing acting opportunities, but things haven’t been going well for me lately. I chose to start streaming after carefully considering what I could do well in a world where trends are constantly changing.”

She also admitted that she “hesitated a lot” as she was making the decision to venture into livestreaming. “I was concerned about how this would affect my image. My career in the entertainment industry has experienced highs and lows,” she said. “As I’ve gone through both success and failure, all I want now is to stream with a happy heart and people I love to enjoy my streaming.”

In other news, K-pop girl group H1-KEY have dropped their new single ‘Deeper’. The song is the second release in the girl group’s ‘H1-KEYnote’ project, which “focuses on their identity and belief in the power of ‘good music’”.

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