Baldur's Gate III

Developer Larian Studios has issued a new hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 that fixes several glitches, including restoring the sky on the game’s menu.

In what the studio admits is a “small hotfix“, it replaces an “unnerving black void” that had appeared in the RPG’s main menu screens and “replaced it with sky”.

Larian dismissed the glitch with an in-universe joke, saying the “Shattered Sanctum apparently did it” and that while it “isn’t quite a Clue-level mystery”, the “precious clouds have at last been returned in this specific case”.

Players had been informing the developer of the error “on all channels”, an effort the studio thanked its community for, saying “your support helps prevent future cloud-theft, and is always welcome.”

Another amusing issue the hotfix corrects is an “infinite dialogue loop about explosive powder”, while more practical overhauls include fixing crashes in certain specific situations.

The complete list of updates introduced in the hotfix is as follows:

  • Improved Steam SDK for Mac M1 users.
  • Sealed up unnerving black void in Main Menu and replaced it with sky.
  • Fixed crash when loading specific Mac saves on PC.
  • Characters at the Duergar Camp are no longer trapped in an infinite dialogue loop about explosive powder.
  • Fixed crash when launching the game in fullscreen with non-native resolution.
  • Items being opened no longer become non-interactive when switching to a character who can’t reach the item.

Players can probably expect more such patches and updates in the months ahead as Larian further tweaks and refines the game. Although Baldur’s Gate 3 was released as an Early Access title in October 2020, its “full” release is still down for a non-specific 2022 window.

Elsewhere, it appears Sony may be planning to merge its existing subscription services – PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now – into one package, in a move seemingly in response to Microsoft’s successful Xbox Game Pass.

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