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Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda has released a new single ‘In My Head’ – check out the official music video below.

The song features Kailee Morgue on vocals as the Nu Metal icon lends this brand new effort to the official Scream VI soundtrack. The song officially dropped on Friday (March 10), with Shinoda saying he was “excited to share” the track with fans – having teased it heavily.

With a lo-fi intro that gives way to heavy beats pulsing as Shinoda showcases his rapping skills, the track moves into an electro-flavoured pop banger that follows in the vein of (and builds on) 2018’s ‘Promises I Can’t Keep’ and last year’s ‘Happy Endings’ which featured Iann Dior and UPSAHL.

Watch the video for Mike Shinoda and Kailee Morgue’s ‘In My Head’ below:

‘In My Head’ is available to stream on a number of platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, plus many more.

In the run-up to the single’s release Shinoda and Morgue released a number of skit promo videos for the track. Paying homage to a classic scene from the first Scream Shinoda and Morgue are preparing Jiffy Pop popcorn.

As Mike tries to explain the classic popcorn brands unique way of preparing the snack, his phone goes off. After picking up, Mike is greeted by Scream antagonist Ghostface. The Horror icon thanks the Linkin Park frontman for his hardwork, but then things take a menacing turn (see the tweet below).

The latest instalment of the slasher franchise earned a four star review from NME, and was called “a nightmarish thrill ride through The City That Never Sleeps”. The film stars Wednesday actor Jenna Ortega, who reprises her role from Scream V.

In other news, Shinoda recently hinted at the possibility of new music from Linkin Park.

“I’ll say it this way. Normally I’m really trying to manage expectations a little bit, especially in the last few years,” said Shinoda. “There’s certain things that are going to be on the table, certain things that are off the table. With this release, shockingly, I don’t think there’s very much to say is off the table. Touring is the only thing [off the table]. We’re not touring right now.”

Linkin Park last released an original album in 2017 with ‘One More Light’, but the band have been on hiatus since the death of vocalist Chester Bennington later that year.


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