Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports has reintroduced Matt, a legendary Mii from the Wii and Wii Sports pack-in game. 

When Nintendo Switch Sports released earlier this year, many noticed that despite being a pseudo-sequel to the 2006 motion-controlled classic Wii Sports, it didn’t include Miis themselves. Whilst they can still be created on the Nintendo Switch, Switch Sports instead opted for newly designed characters.

This changed with an official Nintendo Twitter post from last week (August 12), when it was revealed that players can face a “legendary” opponent in the sword fighting minigame by putting in the button presses below on the difficulty select screen (via IGN).

The opponent is none other than Matt, known by many for being an incredibly difficult foe and the face of many a meme. Matt was the final opponent in the Wii Sports boxing game, and the last fighter in the Swordplay game in Wii Sports Resort as well.

A cursory glance on Google Images for “Matt Wii Sports memes” will fill the screen with jokes about the raw power of the 16-year-old Mii, but the memes themselves didn’t kick off until around 2018 according to knowyourmeme.

After memes circulated on Reddit in 2018 they spilled out to all corners of the internet, making the legend of Matt one known by many players. Now, it seems like Nintendo has acknowledged Matt’s meme-status, by not only reintroducing him into another Switch sports game, but giving him the “legend” status as well.

In other news, two new fighters have been revealed as on the way in MultiVersus, as both DC’s Black Adam and Spike from Gremlins are in some adverts for the game. The release dates for both of these characters is currently unknown.

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