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PUBG developer Krafton is working on creating “virtual humans” using artificial intelligence and Unreal Engine.

First spotted by PCGamesN, Krafton has announced it is working on building the technology to create CGI actors that are as close as possible to real people. It calls them “virtual humans” because they are “barely distinguishable” from real human actors.

Krafton reckons that the CGI actors will be “able to convey deeply-expressive and nuanced emotions”. This will be done by using “hyper-realism technology to create a digital character barely distinguishable from the real world”.

The hope is to use such technology for a “variety of projects” including PUBG Battlegrounds. It’s assumed the technology will also be used for The Callisto Protocol, Krafton’s upcoming horror game. Hopes are high that the game will be the “most terrifying game of all time” with co-creator of Dead Space, Glen Schofield, on the case.

A short YouTube video shows what to expect of these virtual humans.

It’s unlikely we will see them used directly in a game soon but it’s an intriguing step forward. PUBG has seen its player count spike in recent times thanks to going free-to-play last month. Superior NPCs could see that growth continue.

Elsewhere in gaming news, Capcom has teased a big announcement is coming from it this Sunday (February 20). Hopes are high that it could be a new Street Fighter game.

Also, Shiro Games has revealed details on House Harkonnen, a faction in Dune: Spice Wars. The faction is known to use “underhanded tactics” and outright violence to get what it wants.

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