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The creators of Single’s Inferno say they are consideration making a spin-off to the popular South Korean reality dating TV show.

Netflix’s popular reality dating show Single’s Inferno recently wrapped up its third season last week with its final two episodes, which saw the 12 contestants make their final choices and pair up in order to leave the island of Inferno.

In an interview with The Korea Herald, series creators Kim Jae-won and Kim Jung-hyun spoke about the success of Single’s Inferno and the possibility of spin-offs with contestants from different seasons of the show.

“Just imagining [season two contestant] Dex and [season three contestant] Lee Gwan-hee appearing together is already interesting,” Kim Jae-won said. “With such option in mind, we are considering various options – including the idea that the possibility of spin-offs would be fun.”

The producer also touched on how the recently finished third season managed to beat the viewing data from the first two. “Single’s Inferno season one and Single’s Inferno season two garnered some 6million viewing hours, respectively, but the third season managed to log more than 7million viewing hours,” he said.

During a previous interview with Korea JoongAng Daily, the producer duo revealed that season four of the show is not set in stone and is “still under discussion”, but hinted that if the reality dating would “change drastically from the third season” if it does return.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-won also recently spoke about controversial contestant Lee Gwan-hee’s involvement in the latest season of the dating show and how it helped make it “such a success”.

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