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HYBE boybands Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and ENHYPEN have opened up about collaborating with one another for their joint performance at last December’s 2021 KBS Song Festival.

In the newly released ‘BACKSTAGE: TXT x EN-‘ documentary – which features never-before-seen backstage footage of the two boybands, alongside interviews with the individual members – the members of TXT and ENHYPEN talked about how the rehearsals leading up to the performance helped form a friendship between both groups.

“I thought we would be competitive, but they came to us first. We were so comfortable with each other in the practice studio,” noted TXT member Beomgyu. His thoughts were echoed by ENHYPEN member Ni-ki, who said that the two groups “became much closer” through the process. “While practicing together, we all grew attached,” he added.



The boybands also said that they learned a lot from each other during rehearsals for their collaboration. “[The] ENHYPEN members are honestly so good at dancing,” shared TXT member Soobin. “They make me want to work harder and do better”

“It opened my eyes,” ENHYPEN member Sunghoon said of their rehearsals. “We can definitely learn from them. We talked and had fun practicing.”

Elsewhere during the documentary, TXT member Yeonjun also spoke about how both groups were able to find a synergy between them. “Everybody worked so hard, there wasn’t anyone who slacked off, said TXT member Yeonjun. “It showed that everyone practiced to really crush the stage. I think that made a great synergy.”

Last month, ENHYPEN made a comeback with ‘Dimension : Answer’,  the repackaged version of their October 2021 album ‘Dimension : Dilemma’. The new re-release saw the addition of three new tracks on top of the latter record’s existing eight, including lead single ‘Blessed-Cursed’.

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