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Sabrina Carpenter made her debut appearance on Saturday Night Live last night (May 18), where she performed numerous songs including her recent smash hit ‘Espresso’ – check it out below.

The song arrived last month, and came as the follow-up to her hit 2022 album ‘Emails I Can’t Send’ and recent singles ‘Nonsense’ and ‘Feather’.

It also followed the singer dropping a Christmas EP, and hitting the road with Taylor Swift, where she joined the pop icon as the support act for her recent run of ‘Eras’ tour dates across the US and Asia.

Now, in her first appearance on the late night show, Carpenter performed ‘Espresso’ in a mock cocktail bar, fending off the attention of two dancing waiters as she sings.

She also performed her earlier singles ‘Feather’ and ‘Nonsense’. During the performance, she declared: “I’m on SNL and you’re not!”

Carpenter has also had the recent tendency to catch fans off guard by changing the outro to ‘Nonsense’ when playing it live. Her performance on SNL was no different, with the outro this time around being “He is 30 Rock hard cause I said hi/ My sense of humor is, but I am not dry/ SNL I just came for the first time.”

Check it out below:

Recently, Carpenter explained the meaning of ‘Espresso’ in a new interview with Apple Music, revealing that she began work on the track while she was in France and looking to create a song that would be ideal to play live, but also have a sense of humour to it.

“There was something really exciting about the fact that there was so much personality throughout the entire song, because those are the ones that are really, really fun to sing live with a crowd,” she explained.

“Those are the ones that people, I think when they don’t know my music or who I am or anything, they can just tune in to a single song and kind of leave with a better idea of my sense of humour.”

She also made reference to the empowering lyrics throughout, and explained that she was looking to capture the time when she felt confident in herself.

“This was one of those times in my life where I just thought I was the shit in the moment. And I think you don’t always feel that way, so you kind of have to capture those moments that you do because that’s how you find those little [gems],” she said.

“For me, equating it to caffeine and that addiction was really fun and I definitely have a caffeine addiction as it is. So it really ends up being a full circle for me.”

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